Coil Tubing Tools and Capabilities

Coil Tubing Tools and Capabilities

​We specialize in offering a variety of coil tubing tools and services to provide a wide range of solutions for your operation. Titan is committed to high quality, cost effective services, while providing the safest work practices through continuous improvement and development.

Let our expertise, our vast amount of downhole knowledge and innovative tool design work for you! With customizable manufacturing and job specific tailored tools, our products and services can range from a simple tool rental to that last-minute problem job.

Downhole Motors – Custom Mills – Fishing Tools – Bits – Scrappers – Jars

Whether your problem is large or small, we have the tools, knowledge and service you require for your specific needs. Our excellent service quality speaks for itself in reliability, efficiency, and value to the client.

5″ 600F Metal to Metal Downhole Motor

Used in Geothermal operations

Additional Coil Tubing or Pipe Services

Whipstock Tool

This picture is an example of the Whipstock Tools that we custom make. We have several different sizes and styles of whipstocks for different well situations. This type of tool in conjunction with our Downhole Video, allows us to get lined up with the lower section of the parted casing in the well. With the whipstock face oriented towards the lower section of the parted casing, we can then RIH with Coil Tubing and a Mud Motor BHA. Then attempt to get milled back into the lower casing, and gain access of the lower section of the well, thus allowing us to properly abandon the lower sections and achieve proper isolation of the zones below the damage. It is not an uncommon practice for us to pump cement through our motors to P&A zones below the damage in a well. It often takes the aggressive rotation of a mud motor to get past damaged spots within a wellbore and reach an acceptable depth for CalGem.

Flex-Mill dogleg removal tool

Titan Oilfield Services has many different types and designs of Specialty Tools that we have come up with over the years to help our customers achieve their goals and complete their projects.