All in One Combo

All in One Combo Truck Provides:

  • Slick-line / Set and retrieve tubing plugs and conduct all normal slick-line operations if required.
  • Back Pressure Valves / Two-Way Check Valve – Testing. Lube these into your tubing hanger using a 10,000 PSI lubricator system. Hydraulic Wrenches torque down your wellhead / BOP bolts to proper specification with up to 10,000psi and 7,000 ft/lbs of torque.
  • Pressure Testing BOP’s / Well Heads.
  • Well head valve change outs.

One call does it all, streamlined logistics and ease of service transition.

Casing/Tubing Testing

All the bar tool mandrels are magna flux tested every six months. All the drag tool rods are replaced every six months.

  • Roll Right Triplex pump
  • 1″ Plungers
  • 1 1/2″ stroke
  • 21GPM @1200RPM
  • 12,000 PSI maximum testing pressure
  • Relief valve set @8000PSI
  • Each unit is equipped with the standard testing tools.
  • The sizes that are available for the bar tools and drag tools are: 2 3/8″, 2 7/8″, and 3 1/2″.
  • 4 1/2″ tools are available by request.

Sandjet Perforating and Cutting

The SandJet eliminates the risk of using explosives and offers added convenience of perforating multiple holes without pulling out of the hole, no “reloading”. The SandJet unit can be deployed with jointed pipe and coil tubing.

Not only can it cut through different sizes of tubing and/or casing, it can also perforate through multiple strings, which makes it a cost-effective and safer alternative. Unlike explosives, the SandJet is not affected by temperature.

Dog Cutter/Valve Driller

Titan Oilfield Services is pleased to introduce one of it’s latest Creations. This is what we are calling the “Dog Cutter.  This Machine is used to cut off the rusted up, stuck donut rams inside tubing hangers. With different sizes of shoes to accommodate the different sizes of wellheads, the dogs are cut flush with the inside of the wellhead, allowing the tubing hanger to be pulled free. Rigging up is quick and the dogs can be cut off in flush in just a matter of minutes. No Need for a Welder and Torch.

We can also use this same machine to drill out stuck, frozen and/or damaged valves. Equipped with a stuffing box and a kill port, we are prepared for possible well control issues as needed.

See Valve Driller in Action

Frozen tubing hanger rams

Rams have been cut flush