Slick Line/ Braided Line

Titan Oildfield Services, Inc. is an expert in providing Slickline, and Braided Line intervention services for both open and cased holes.

Capabilities and applications:

  • Braided Line
  • Well Testing Services
  •  Downhole Video
  • Fishing Services
  • Tubing Punches
  • Well Abandonment Services
  • Caliper Surveys
  • Acoustic Surveys
  • Production Logging
  • Memory Logging Tools
  • Capillary Tubing Services

Slick Line/Branded Line

Titan Oilfield Services, INC. provides experience in a variety of wireline operations for your well intervention needs.

Slickline Line Services:

  • Tag for fill Bailing
  • Tubing plugs (profile & other) Fishing
  • Gauge rings
  • Mech/hydraulic tubing punch Gas lift
  • Memory surveys (PT, Well Integrity
    ) Single/long-term monitoring Down hole tools in memory Rental.

Braided Line Services:

  • Heavy fishing
  • Heavy jarring applications Swabbing
  • Jet pump removal Oil & Gas & Geothermal memory surveys Mechanical packer set/removal Single/long term monitoring Rental.

Slickline/Braided Line Trucks:

  • Including a wide range of wireline tools for well intervention, reservoir evaluation and workover operations.
  • Slickline
  • Electric Line
  • Braided Line/Fishing
  • Memory Pressure/Temp Surveys

All in One Combo Trucks or Trailers:

  • Slickline set and retrieve tubing plugs and conduct all normal slickline operations
  • Back Pressure Valves/2-Way Check Valves deployed through lubricator systems
  • Hydraulic Wrenches torque down your wellhead/BOP bolts to spec with hydraulic torque wrenches
  • Pressure Testing BOPs, Wellheads, CITs, Flowlines, Manifolds and more…
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing with Barton Recorders and Data Loggers to meet BLM and DOGGR regulations

Production Logging Trucks

  • Down Hole Temp Surveys
  • Compatible with a Wide Variety of Wellbore Media
  • Acoustic Survey for Pin-Point Leak Detection
  • Pressure/Temp/CCL Surveys

We have several Slickline, Wireline and Braided Line trucks and trailers available for all of your well intervention needs.

Integrated Services that Titan offers for Idle wells, plug and abandon wells (P&A), production wells, gas storage and for (UIC) MIT I and II.

RAPPIC SERVICE: RA Tracer-Noise-Pressure Tests- Pressure Pumps-Injection Test-Plugs/ Packers setting/test-COMBO:

  • Fluid level test (fluid level shots) mainly for idle wells.
  • Pressure tests for the casing, tubing, with a liquid
  • Injection tests.
  • All in one combo: BPV – Two-way check valves – Testing – Slick line services – Plug setting -Wellhead Valve Change Outs – Hydraulic wrenches nipple up / nipple down – Tubing / CIT testing -Pressure testing – Pumping services.
  • Real-time surface and bottom hole pressure recording.
  • Step rate test. Lap test.
  • Clean out a tag with a gauge ring.
  • Spectral noise-temperature.
  • Electromagnetic thickness tool (casing wall thickness) internal/external corrosion (up to three interphases).
  • Ultrasonic imaging (cement map), cement evaluation, and radial cement bond.
  • Ultrasonic leak detection.
  • Ultrasonic acoustic leak detection.
  • Ultrasonic magnetic thickness.
  • X-YCaliper, Multi-finger caliper survey (MFC) 24, 40, 60, and 80 arms. HT MFC 430 deg. F.
  • The pressure-Temperature survey, PTS-GR-CCL, PT-GRCCL, or GR-CCL, Temp survey.
  • Radioactive Tracer, Noise tool.
  • Plugs/Packers.
  • Pulsed Neutron logs.
  • Down-hole Video