Slickline, Wireline & Braided Line

Titan Oilfield Services, Inc. is an expert in providing Slickline, Wireline and Braided Line intervention services for both open and cased holes.

Capabilities and applications:

  • Braided Line
  • Electric Line
  • Well Testing Services
  •  Downhole Video
  • Fishing Services
  • Tubing Punches
  • Well Abandonment Services
  • Caliper Surveys
  • Acoustic Surveys
  • Production Logging
  • Memory Logging Tools 
  • Capillary Tubing Services

Units available include:

Slickline/Braided Line Trucks:

  • Including a wide range of wireline tools for well intervention, reservoir evaluation and workover operations.
  • Slickline
  • Electric Line
  • Braided Line/Fishing
  • Memory Pressure/Temp Surveys

All in One Combo Trucks or Trailers:

  • Slickline set and retrieve tubing plugs and conduct all normal slickline operations
  • Back Pressure Valves/2-Way Check Valves deployed through lubricator systems
  • Hydraulic Wrenches torque down your wellhead/BOP bolts to spec with hydraulic torque wrenches
  • Pressure Testing BOPs, Wellheads, CITs, Flowlines, Manifolds and more…
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing with Barton Recorders and Data Loggers to meet BLM and DOGGR regulations

Production Logging Trucks

  • Down Hole Temp Surveys
  • Compatible with a Wide Variety of Wellbore Media
  • Acoustic Survey for Pin-Point Leak Detection
  • Pressure/Temp/CCL Surveys

We have several Slickline, Wireline and Braided Line trucks and trailers available for all of your well intervention needs.