Testing and Pumping Services

Testing and Pumping Services

  • Fluid level test (fluid level shots) mainly for idle wells.
  • Pressure tests for: the casing, tubing, with a liquid. Injection tests.
  • All in one combo: BPV – Two-way check valves -Testing – Lubricate – Slick line services – Plug setting -Wellhead Valve Change Outs – Hydraulic wrenches nipple up / nipple down – Tubing / CIT testing -Pressure testing – Pumping services.
  • Real time surface and downhole pressure recording. Bottom hole pressure recording.
  • Step rate test.
  • Lap test.



Radial Cement Bond Tool

  • Fully combinable with other well integrity services
  • Unique and impartial report for better understanding of barrier performance
  • Identifies cement channeling behind pipe

Ultrasonic Imager