Wireline / Well Integrity

E-Line Services

  • Noise logs
  • Radioactive tracer
  • PTS GR CCL (662 F), PT for TO wells.
  • Lap test, step rate test
  • Geothermal logging
  • Temperature logging
  • Spectral noise
  • Electromagnetic thickness
  • Ultrasonic leak detection
  • Radial cement bond
  • Ultrasonic Imaging
  • Ultrasonic magnetic thickness
  • Ultrasonic acoustic leak detection
  • Memory surveys
  • X-Y Caliper, Multi-finger caliper (MFC) 24, 40, 60, 80 arms. HT MFC 430 deg. F.
  • Pulsed neutron for water flow log
  • Plugs/Packers

Noise Log

In addition to our many E-Line services, we have noise log capabilities. Our Noise Log tools, which run in conjunction witha temperature tool and casing collar locator, we use cutting edge sonic and quartz technology to pinpoint any anomalies that may be present. We pride ourselves in our rapid turn around time, from log to final presentation.

Radioactive Tracer

Velocity shot (stationary tool) Measure the velocity of a shot of radioactive material that has been ejected into the flow stream. Time the interval between ejection of the tracer fluid and its arrival at the gamma-ray detectors.

Times runs Detects the flow of fluids ion the casing, behind cement or in the annulus.
Several runs are made to track the movement of the radioactive tracer into the formation.


Radial Cement Bond Tool

  • Fully combinable with other well integrity services
  • Unique and impartial report for better understanding of barrier performance
  • Identifies cement channeling behind pipe

Ultrasonic Imager


Integrated Services that Titan offers for Idle wells, plug and abandon wells (P&A), production wells, gas storage and for (UIC) MIT I and II.

RAPPIC SERVICE: RA Tracer-Noise-Pressure Tests- Pressure Pumps-Injection Test-Plugs/ Packers setting/test-COMBO:

  • Fluid level test (fluid level shots) mainly for idle wells.
  • Pressure tests for the casing, tubing, with a liquid
  • Injection tests.
  • All in one combo: BPV – Two-way check valves – Testing – Slick line services – Plug setting -Wellhead Valve Change Outs – Hydraulic wrenches nipple up / nipple down – Tubing / CIT testing -Pressure testing – Pumping services.
  • Real-time surface and bottom hole pressure recording.
  • Step rate test. Lap test.
  • Clean out a tag with a gauge ring.
  • Spectral noise-temperature.
  • Electromagnetic thickness tool (casing wall thickness) internal/external corrosion (up to three interphases).
  • Ultrasonic imaging (cement map), cement evaluation, and radial cement bond.
  • Ultrasonic leak detection.
  • Ultrasonic acoustic leak detection.
  • Ultrasonic magnetic thickness.
  • X-YCaliper, Multi-finger caliper survey (MFC) 24, 40, 60, and 80 arms. HT MFC 430 deg. F.
  • The pressure-Temperature survey, PTS-GR-CCL, PT-GRCCL, or GR-CCL, Temp survey.
  • Radioactive Tracer, Noise tool.
  • Plugs/Packers.
  • Pulsed Neutron logs.
  • Down-hole Video